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Contact me at loonsongpsalteries@gmail.com for options and pricing.

If you are living in the local "Tri-Lakes" area, I am interested in forming a local group of players and can provide a limited number of "loaner instruments" to get things started. 
The instruments come with an electronic tuner, tuning tool, bow and rosin.  The current package price for the Alto instruments is $250 plus shipping.  Tenor psalteries are $300 plus shipping.  I currently have two Tenor instruments which have American Chestnut soundboards.  The price on these, due to the rarity of the wood, is $450.

The wall/tripod mount system is an additional $60.00 for either model.

The design of these psalteries, along with the proper choice of strings, allows the conversion to either theTenor or Alto range of 2 1/2 octaves.