Quality workmanship and materials are used in the construction of each one of these stringed instruments.
Construction of these bowed psalteries is based upon a proven design by a well known luthier.  The tone wood used for the tops of the many of these instruments is a finely grained redwood which was harvested more than 50 years ago.  The sides, back, bridge and pin block (under the tuning pins) come from species native to our local area including hard maple, curly maple, birdseye maple and cherry.

 Both tenor and alto instruments are available in a 30 stringed configuration.  The tenor uses phosphor bronze wire wound strings.
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Push play button to listen to an Irish jig played on one of my Tenor Psalteries
Here is a comparison between the Tenor and and Alto range.  They are tuned one full octave apart so switching between them doesn't require learning new bow positions.